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Small introduction of both myself and my goals. Enjoy.

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Hello everyone, I'm Jeremiah, or Dax if you want to keep it short. I'm a student with more time on his hands then he knows what to do with. Today I'll be bringing you my first real modding attempt. I've done smaller things and made some contributions here and there but nothing along the lines of my plans with this.

I'll say it now, I have little experience with a lot of what I'm going to be messing around with; this will definitely be a learning experience as I attempt to formulate a somewhat coherent concept. I've literally just started this project and only have some very basic edits done within the files, nothing of importance yet.

I'm also looking for anyone who wants to contribute anything, even the smallest thing could help. I could definitely use someone with more experience modding EUIV to come aboard and maybe teach me a few things. Just shoot me a pm if any of that interests you.

Valkyria Chronicles is just the start. If I actually manage to succeed with this I might go onto some of my other favorite universes and see what I can do, but until then, seems a good idea to stick to something that heavily bases itself off of the game world we already have.

Anyways guys, that's about it; I'll see you again whenever I have any sort of news to confer upon you. Until then, have a wonderful evening.

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