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Welcome to the Outpost! Before you venture out into the undead world, however, allow me to introduce myself and how this world came to be. :)

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Let's start:

My name is Ducky and I'm the founder and co-administrator of Oplex. I've been working on the Ragnarok Online modification since 2006. I've had public testing on several occasions throughout the years, where I experimented gameplay styles with my participants and received their feedback. Since then, Oplex has been constantly changing and listening to player feedback in order to make the game a better experience.

For the greater part of Oplex's development, I've been the sole developer. However, as time went by, I've recruited some staff members. In January of 2011, I appointed Xerosigma and Jonn as co-administrators of Oplex's development. From there, Xerosigma recruited his team, TerraChaos Studios; other team members, such as Epynus (scripting developer), joined because of their familiarity of Oplex's development.

Oplex has been in development (and hell) for many, many years. Finally, in the summer of 2011, the team has decided to allow public testing of the game by August 5th, 2011. Although the final release of the game is not yet determined, one can be assured that new features will constantly be added.

Without further ado, here is the current (07/20/2011) development staff:

Project Administrators
Ducky - Head Developer / Executive Director / Founder
Xerosigma - Head Developer / Executive Server Manager / Head Level Designer / Asst. Scripter
Jonn - Head Developer / Head Spriter & ActOR Specialist / Asst. Scripter

Project Assistants
Blade - Director of Art & Design
Aion - Lead 3D Artist
Material Blade - Asst. 3D Artist
superpapergun - Asst. 3D Artist
Drago - Asst. Map Designer
Epsynus - Asst. Scripter
Lady Aries - Asst. Scripter
Break Quest - Director of Music
AngelzFates - Asst. Musician
Warlock - R&D Specialist / Forum Global Moderator
Frayne - R&D Specialist / Forum Moderator / QA Tester

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