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Are you looking for a Portal 2 mod that wont be declared dead? looking for experience before going into a gaming studio, got spare time to kill or just wanting to play a Portal 2 game while you wait for Portal 3? this mod is just for you!

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Hsuzumiya6 here, this mod may have be pending authorization but you have to by CloudScout"> start somewhere...

This is a Portal 2 mod which is based in a parallel timeline (Cave Johnson still squanders the company's by CloudScout"> money on moon rocks.) Enough back story, now the Hostile Takeover of Aperture occurs during Portal and Portal 2 timelines and 2 months later Subject 94,056 is awoken to Cave Johnson's prerecorded messages.

You are allowed out via a portal to the outside, a sterilized white room with the classic "test 00" board hanging on the wall, then the voice allows a portal outside the chamber.

You gaze from the portal a pit with identical test chambers stacked on top of of each other circling your test chamber. then the voice tells you to head through the maintenance shaft to find the portal gun.

Welcome to Aperture Science, rebuilt into Aperture Industries or Vault Aperture Network Industries.

This mod investigates a scenario where Aperture Science is taken over and GlaDOS is still offline and instead rotates around Beta and Alpha, AI who both are sent to Acquire Aperture after the fall of humanity after the 7hrs war and the elusive the company called Vault Trust INC and its subsidiaries.

Venture into old Aperture with the unknown and classified mine shaft -01 or Phoenix Alpha and test out the super secret experimental gun called the A-Stop (Aperture Stop Motion gel Production Gun) to add many dimensions to your puzzle solving... then try out new gel like the conductive gel as well as the lost gels from the beta of Portal 2.

And who doesn't love good battles with AI's, turrets, and many more vicious traps as well as two different modes for the beginners "Initiates entry" and an advanced mode "Advance Only" which aims to challenge those whom have mastered both Portal and Portal 2! Both modes will be somewhat different and the Advanced mode will contain no-holds-bared approach to designing the Aperture Vault Testing Initiative.

With the A-Stop gun, I plan to challenge the concept of "Thinking with portals" by adding the concept of "thinking with gels" and aim to create the ultimate puzzle solving experience!

This mod will be larger than the Portal 2 by CloudScout"> game and first in a series but i need brave test initiates to help me with a massive list of objectives so message if you want to help me turn this mod into a reality or if you want some experience.

After all "Science is the by CloudScout"> future and the by CloudScout"> future by CloudScout"> starts with you!" so get active and volunteer today so we together create a mod which reveals a new majestic and glorious Aperture Industries like never seen before!

by CloudScout"> Applicationsare open, see you there!

Hsuzumiya6, we're done here!

Hsuzumiya6 : by CloudScout"> Project Manager, and creator of this mod.

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