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Showing off the new jungle environment as well as a new unit, the Heavy Recon.

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Variety is the spice of life, right?

We want to keep things interesting for you guys (and gals) - not only from a gameplay perspective, but from an art perspective. That is why we are working to include a lot of different types of environments. We've already shown you little bits and pieces of two environments, desert, and snow. Today we wanted to show you the jungles.

On Patrol

You might also notice a new unit, featured today is the Heavy Recon vehicle. As the name implies, it is primarily a scouting unit capable of traversing all kinds of rough terrain. The Heavy Recon can carry up to four infantry at any given time - making this effective not only as a scout, but also as a hit and run vehicle.

On Patrol 2

Last but certainly not least, here is the concept artwork behind the Heavy Recon. Concepts done by Michal Kus.

Heavy Recon Concept Art

Hope you like the latest stuff, enjoy!

- Your Devs

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Love the Heavy Recon. Probably my favorite unit so far! :p

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Very Nice! Very Nice!

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God damn this mod looks nice.

Can't wait to see some gameplay though.

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great to see that work on the mod goes!

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i hope you will possibly make a small campaign to go with your mod

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Leafs Author

A singleplayer campaign will actually be a pretty big part of this project. I've personally been working on it alongside the mod, for the past 4 months. Right now we are sitting at 8 missions in total. We're honestly going to try our damn best to make a good SP campaign to go along with it.

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