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A brief introduction to the game and it's current development status.

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Hi all,

My name is J, the dude who's making the box, and in this article I'll give you some more information regarding "The Box", a short experimental horror game.

What is the game about?

Imagine yourself waking up one day in a small, cube room. Everything seemed fine until last night, but you wake up in someplace you've never seen before. You open your door and go to other rooms, only to find out that each of the doors connect to rooms that looks exactly like the ones you saw earlier. Nothing in these small connected rooms seems right, things that'd never happen happens. To make matters worse, there's a creep figure chasing you in the back...

What would you do?

How is the gameplay?

It's pretty much described in the description above, but we'll have procedurally generated rooms with varying difficulties.

When is the release date? How much of the game is done?

To be honest much of the basic gameplay is done - the AI, rooms generation, randomization etc - and I do have an internal alpha version that I can show off to my friends. However, the game isn't at a stage that I'm happy with, so I won't be releasing it until I feel that the game is ready. In short; it'll get released when it's done.

I'm working PRETTY DAMN FAST, and the game is becoming more complete everyday though. (The next phase of development is to hire sound producers to get that awesome ambient music into the game.)

What are people saying about the game?

A lot of positive things :D. To quote a few:
"This game is the scariest game I've ever made." - J
"I almost shat my pants." - Anonymous
"Holyf**k." - Your Mom


Looks cutie

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