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A short welcome message to those who are looking for a mod similar to the original Half-Life.

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Hello, everyone.

Welcome to Half-Life: Stasis. This mod is currently under development by the small development group Cortello. Our aim with this project is to create a world very similar to the original Half-Life. We plan to include some new content in this mod, as well, such as new areas of previously-visited sectors, new enemies, and possibly even some new weapons that were not available in the original Half-Life game. We hope that this mod will be of interest to those Half-Life gamers who wish to revisit the Black Mesa Research Facility in all its glory, just like the old times.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to comment and post suggestions. We plan to keep this mod up-to-date with the latest development information, so if you have an interest in Half-Life: Stasis, it may be a good idea to track this mod.

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