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Welcome to GearBlocks, a game about creative building, physics based machines, and gears - lots of gears.

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Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce my game and myself a little bit. This is a bit of a passion project for me. I've loved games since a young age, but I was also just as into Lego Technic, cars and generally anything mechanical, an interest that has carried through to this day. The idea behind this game is to take the joy of building mechanical things and interacting with them, and combine it with simple skill based challenges, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to easily share your creations with others.

Pillars of this game project:-

  1. Creative building.
  2. Interactive working machines & mechanisms.
  3. Community & sharing.

Key Features

The game is still in early pre-alpha development, so many of these features are still in progress or not available yet.

  • Hundreds of parts to build with (blocks, wheels, axles, gears, motors and much more).
  • Intuitive and flexible first person building system.
  • Physics based mechanical elements that behave very much like their real world counterparts.
  • Damage system that lets you smash your constructions to smithereens.
  • Creative game mode: ultimate flexibility to build and test your creations, and then share them with others.
  • More game modes planned, will be announced soon.

Pre-alpha Playable Demo

Build 0.5.7362 for Windows
GearBlocks Demo 0.5.7362 Win32

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Right now it's a team of one making this game, just me (there's no "I" in team, but there is a "me"?) I guess you could say I'm an industry veteran (in other words, I'm old ;)). After having worked as a programmer in "AAA" games for around 15 years, I decided to try an experiment, could I develop and release my own game? Jury's still out on that, but things are going pretty well so far. You can find me here:

Smler - - 20 comments

Game feels great to play, just add some more dynamics to the game and then there will be so much combinations of machinery that practically anything is possible.

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dangersam Author
dangersam - - 116 comments

Thanks! Yep, many more parts with new kinds of behaviours are in the plan!

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Holger1605 - - 2 comments

This game looks awesome! I'm downloading it right now and I think it's going to be an awesome experience!

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louiester250 - - 1 comments

I got the demo ages ago when it was first released. I didn't realise the game had been updated and I'm downloading it now. can't wait to see what you have added

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