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Just an introduction to the game, what's planned for it, and how long it might take to get made.

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Hello, hello!

If you're familiar with who I am then that's cool - I'm the same dude that made Darkness Inside The Light. It wasn't that good, wasn't that popular, in all honesty, and it was never completed; kind of a bummer if you ask me.

But today I've finally wrapped up a small little tech demo for a game I'm working on, called "Fictional Future!"

The game doesn't have a story yet, or much behind it yet at all, but it has the first few enemy variations, the (placeholder) main character, and some simple background music.

Current features in the demo:

-Death/Death Particles



-Enemy AI

-Background Music

-Player/Movement/Jumping/Double Jumping

-Animations, Idle Animations for main character

-Exit option (Hitting ESC exits the game)

I have a lot more planned for the game but unlike my last project, that was admittedly a flop, I'm taking my time with this one, promising nothing, and doing it for fun and rolling with it as it happens. If you have suggestions or things you want to see, let me know and I'll try and do them, but for now, I'll be uploading the basic tech demo (and hosting it on a site soon after) and you can try out the basics that I have thus far and see the artwork for yourself.

I made all of the art myself, which means all of my work, unlike the last project, is completely original and done by me. Even the music. So that's a plus!

This is all starting as just a basic, super small level with basic things and growing into a full blown level, and then eventually into multiple, and then into the full game. No estimated time of release but I will be working on it throughout the year.

Hopefully you'll like what I make in the end. But for now, thanks for reading.

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