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Europe At War Redux aims to provide an enhanced experience that builds upon the foundations of Europe At War v7.2 by Dartborne. It is set to feature a reworked Fronts System, along with authentic balance, many bug fixes, and additional content. However, I am only a solo-developer. Contact me if you're interested in helping out with the project!

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Europe At War Redux is a vCoH mod which builds upon the foundations of Europe At War v7.2 by Dartborne. My aim is to provide a fun and enhanced experience for players who wish to experience World War 2 through a game of Company of Heroes. For this particular project, I have three main changes that I wish to achieve in order to realize my goals.

1. An Improved Fronts System.

The first major change — and the most important one — I wish to implement is a more accessible system for Europe At War content by replacing the map-based Fronts System with a selection-based structure. So rather than being restricted to certain kinds of commander trees and units for a given map, players can decide which ones from what particular Front they can play from the get-go. This will allow players to access units locked behind Fronts such as the Invasion of Italy or the Ardennes Offensive and play them on any map, especially Custom Maps!

Some Win Conditions the players can select are:

  1. Annihilate - Afrika
  2. Annihilate - Ardennes
  3. Victory Points - Italy
  4. Victory Points - 1945

Admittedly, these changes will necessitate the removal of certain designs that are present in Europe At War, such as Joint Ops, Infantry, and Tank Wars, among several others. However, if possible, I will do my best to attempt to reimplement these into the changes through some future updates.

2. Authentic Faction Balance.

The second goal that I wish to achieve is a bit simpler. I wish to rework the balance of the game to provide a more authentic and sensible experience for players.

This isn't to say I wish to make the game realistic, as I personally believe doing so would be detrimental to the enjoyment of the game. Rather, I wish to capture a feeling of authenticity, allowing players to better feel the various strengths and weaknesses in gameplay. For example, the gunplay has been tweaked to be more reflective of each weapon in real life; armored vehicles have been tweaked to better represent their real-life counter parts in combat.

Various gamey elements are still present, of course, but these design choices are meant to help balance out the various changes made to the game's balance.

3. Bug Fixes and Additional Content.

This one is pretty much a given. Bug fixes help provide a more consistent degree of fun for players, as these eliminate potential disruptions that can tarnish the experience. Something I've personally come across quite a lot in Europe At War are various bugs that end up causing desync issues, which ruin the experience whenever I'm playing with my friends. Many of these bugs have been traced to certain units such as the Wehrmacht's Supply Truck.

Most of these issues have been ironed out in the current Alpha version, thankfully. Special thanks to my friend @Cerallius for fixing most of the bugs, as she took the time to go through nearly every single file to dig up every potential desync source. The current Alpha wouldn't be as stable as it is if it weren't for her hard work.

Additional content also helps change things up for players, as they can allow for more options when playing the game. Europe At War Redux features several new weapons, such as the Infrared StG-44 and the MP40/I, along with new units such as Panzer Fusiliers for the Panzer Elite and Rear Echelon Troops for the American faction. The addition of new content can also help change up player tactics and allow for the development of meta strategies.

Recruitment Notice!

As of the moment, Europe At War Redux is a solo-project, with only myself as the developer. I receive some help from time to time, but these are mostly when it comes to the creation of models or advice on how to better the mod. I am a college student, as well, so my time will be divided between development and my studies.

I am mainly looking for other vCoH modders who are experienced with SCAR and Lua coding, as I personally have little experience when it comes to this field.

Artists are also welcome, preferably those who are also knowledgeable in setting up custom models in-game.

Contact me through my Discord profile [503] Volksfusilier#5025 or e-mail me at if you're interested in helping out with the project.

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