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Stopping work on the Hornburg, Belendor will continue working on it.

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As I told people on Taleworlds forum already, I'm stopping work on Hornburg, I've not been working for some time now due to lack of motivation and other matters concerning real life. I don't see me regaining my motivation and so I asked if there was anyone willing to take over.
Belendor replied and so this will be his mod.

As for progress, before I quit I begun working on Gondorians and Mordor, so expect them later on, also did some small work on the singleplayer, and a new MP invasion map. Also, there was a new mordor invasion I started working on.
Ah well, that's all for now.

Good luck to Belendor, may he make an awesome mod out of my mess.

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LOTRuler - - 1,497 comments

respect your decision ;) good luck to belendor!

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Kazzan Author
Kazzan - - 41 comments

Better letting him continue it rather than letting it die eh?

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aristotle - - 13 comments


good luck belendor

god's speed

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ManOWarRE - - 213 comments

Will try my best, still it will take a while.

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