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After 9 months, i have; a News report, pics, excuses, and some other stuff.

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Well, its been a while since i've posted anything. There's a good bit to say though.
First off, i've made a fair amount of progress, although most is fixing things and making things look better.

i've added/replaced a couple of new units;
The M-60 was replaced with the AMX-13;

A Glass Cannon by any other name.

Also added the Fennek to North Korea

Makes for a good scout unit, and the grenade
launcher will make short work of enemy infantry.

There's also a new Artillery piece for the United Nations, but those pics will have to wait.
Thanks to Zathonix for these suggestions.

For the record, i have gotten other suggestions from others and plan on implementing some, i just haven't gotten to them yet.

=======The Ships; Alive or Dead?=======
Dead. Atleast for now.

Main problem is that Generals really doesn't seem to like anything to have more than four turrets, which is a big problem since most of my ship designs have alot more than four turrets. The Yammato was planned to have 77 turrets, resulting in 205 gun barrels with sizes ranging from 0.52 inch to 18.1 inch... Anyways, ships are one of the main reasons i haven't posted in a while, because i couldn't ever get around the turret problem and got tired of trying to mod it.

With all this, ships aren't completely out of the question. i would have to re-design all the navies with small boats, because i really don't want a giant battleship with only four turrets lol. i would also want the boat factories, weather capture or build-based, to not be able to build boats on land. There's also always the chance i can figure out a way to get more turrets, but i don't think i'll spend much time on that in order to avoid burning out again.

Ships being cut also messes up plans for a possible campaign, as ships played a large part in the storyline that i had.

===========AI in the future?===========
Don't know. AI could easily double the amount of
work i've put into this mod, i wish that part was easier.
Or that i liked to do scripting, lol.

==========Random CnC News==========
Y'all might be interested in this;
Yet another reason to not like M.$.

========Other Things Entirely=========
i'm thinking about making this page into a hub for multiple mods, if i start making them.
This is the list of things i could make;

Avatar--Tall blue cat-people, not fire nation
Minecraft--The most likely of any of these for me to make
WaterWorld--an old movie, sorta interesting, went way over budget
Sky Oddesy--very good PS2 game, and rather hard to find. Not many unit possibilities though.
Seek and Destroy--PS2 game, plenty of units, good game if you can get over it being a cartoon
Sins of a Solar Empire--would be interesting to see if i could clone this in Generals
WW2--basic WW2 mod, i already have a few things made from a long time ago.
WW1--Actually worked on a WW1 mod for a while, have a fair amount of stuff for it

Some of these ideas have plenty of stuff to make a mod off of, others not so much. The most likely of these would be a Minecraft style mod. i could make a couple of these and package them together. Also, Moddb might have a problem with me putting multiple mods on one page, so i might also make multiple mod pages for the different mods, and use my profile as a hub.

Well, thanks if you've read this far. Sorry its been so long since the last update, lol.
Note that updates will be only every now and then. i might post two or three photos one week, and nothing for the next four or five weeks. We'll see what happens.

So, until next time,
keep the faith and 'ivong Na'vi!

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