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Alright a update for now that I would like to post to answer some questions about the mod

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Hello it is me Johnboy, though my account is gone I have survived to post this post. Anyways recently with the account problems, I have lost contact with a number of my team members so that has back tracked me. But let us not assume stuff for I have made more planning and I am ready to plan out the rebels. Some other things that I would like to point out

-Lost account
-Command of mod team
-New ideas
-Moving forward

Alright a decent lengthly update but lets move on

-(Abesence)- Alright since for a while people have thought that the mod is dead. Well not entirely. Life has had me busy since I do have a life. However I now have some time cleared for my mod and hopefully I can spread the news out to Youtube.

-(Lost Account)- It was a sunny beautiful morning before school. I came to my Pa's house for breakfast and turned my laptop on. It then took 5 minutes to load everything but the wait is usually worth it. I get on the internet and I checked my Email. I then pulled up moddb, facebook, and youtube to respond to my quite rather amusing stalker. I then receive a message saying on Moddb saying "Your account has been banned. If you want to reactivate your account, contact us with your justification". My eyes are filled with a few tears to now that so much progress was lost. I then start swearing but then log out and find a message from a site admin saying "4 duplicate accounts banned." I then head to my little brother's page and he was banned. I then inform him the news and he starts swearing. By then I had my breadsticks with me and started eating with oe though in mind. I WAS PEED OFF!! But I do check my normal pages to find a guy who openly reported me thos name I shall not call out. I then get into my Pa's car to go to school with one thought in mind. "A terrible loss caused by one reporter who thought my little brother was fake". I then arrive at school and head to homeroom and do morning work. Then at 8:10 I head for first period in my science class where I had to copy a graph and everything contained in it. I then start to loose my concentration about my work and become shaky. Though I pushed moddb out of my mind and continued my work valuing my academics.

Later on in the day after 3rd period, I went to lunch. I talked to my friends about what happened and received support from them. I could never get by without my friends both virtural and real.

After 5th period we go home. I go out to the car line and get into my Pa's car only to find my brother as mad as a devil. He told me that when he was going to get on moddb and found out that he was banned and he had a mod idea. I rode home erasing the horrible memory from my mind. I arrive at home and play with my 2 kittens, Cuddles and Titaly Winks.

Well I just summarized most of my day Yippe (Sorry for that)

-(Command of mod team)- Alright so today I was reading on my account and one of my team members informed me about a member taking command of the team, or so he thought. Well the only way someone else leads the team is if they are appointed by ME.

-(New Ideas)- Alright since in my absence, I have been drawing up ideas for the mod. I would like to say that my planning is going good. One of my new ideas include
-Double Factions?
-Mechanical Planets?

-(Double factions)- Well you may be wondering this but I have been thinking about you getting a helper AL in the mod. There will be a J Empire and a C empire. You hopefully can choose both but the point is that you will have backup though it has disadvantages. One is that both J and C faction get different heroes and units EX: The J rebels get a lot more ships and the C rebels don't. The C rebels get more unique units that the J rebels.

-(Mechanical Planets)- Alright so the C empire Starts with Pizza Castle which provides special ships, tanks, and a energy boost from the pizza LOL

-(Moving Forward)- Aright with new plans and more time we will move forward.

Thank you for reading the longest update yet and my daily life

EddieSmithWCHS2013 - - 398 comments

Sorry about your loss.

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Set_Tainer Author
Set_Tainer - - 312 comments

Well yes it was hard to loose so much progress that I had been building since june 13 and I was level 24

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AK151 - - 5,600 comments

Good god, it is just an INTERNET PROFILE! All of the data posted on the page is recoverable, and level honestly doesn't mean much in a lot of people's eyes. If my account was banned, then I would be a bit upset about it, but I would contact the admins to see why they banned me, and then either accept the punishment if it is justified, plea innocent if it is unjustified, or tell them that I didn't know I was breaking any rules. They always have a reason to ban someone. They don' just randomly ban people for no reason.

In short, I think you made a routine multiple-profile banning event WAY too dramatic. No offense.

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Set_Tainer Author
Set_Tainer - - 312 comments

I would get a A+ in Drama LOL

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