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A weekly update for my first game CHICKEN BLASTER. I have added some new levels/rooms to the game and a release date has been set.

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So, the most important news update for my game is the release date has been set. JUNE 20th 2022 is the day it goes live on . Since the game has not been published yet, I don't know how to leave a link to the page so instead I will leave a link to my main itch page

For the past week I have been doing a bunch of final touches for my first game.

jail house

Originally there were 4 rooms/levels to play in but now there are 10 rooms in total to play in.

saloon exterior

I added some extra details to the bottons in the game like adding some shadows and a updated logo, basically it is the same logo but with a drop shadow added and some slight color changes.

grave yard

one cool thing I found out you can do in Game Maker Studio is you can add a URL link to an object in the game, so on the start screen I added my studio logo " Studio Denny" and turned it into a button that takes you to my twitter page. If I had a website the link would take you there but twitter will have to do for now.


Thanks for reading!

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