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Playtest fail - Event system rewrite - Bananas - World collapsing

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As you may know last week-end was playtest weekend, i made a small test in 1v1 to check if everything went well but when we were 3v3 the world collapsed which wrecked the event.

There were a few errors related to connection & disconnection which i wasn't able to catch before, unfortunately. I considered trying this week-end again, because i think it's fixed but there's something i wanted to do for a while now and i think i know how to do it : rewriting my event system; so this is how my week-end is going to happen.

  • ADDED bots ! (for debugging only)
  • ADDED a new skill : converts life into energy
  • ADDED damages when charging
  • ADDED a new target type
  • REVAMPED the tower points icon & behaviour
  • CHANGED controls for skills
  • TWEAKED a lot of variables related to skills, dmg, range...
  • FIXED a bug where destroying objects wouldn't go through the internet pipes in every cases
  • FIXED a bug where actions were not blocked when energy is too low
  • FIXED a bug where actions not in range would still fire
  • FIXED out of sight projectiles being destroyed within wrong limits
  • FIXED a bug where towers would auto regenerate
  • FIXED nicknames not showing up in chat
  • FIXED a bug when killing someone carrying a tower
d2theRizzle - - 68 comments

dude, i applaud your patience and effort with this game. There always seems to be a huge amount of things wrong, but each week i see the update and the big list of fixed bugs and whatnot. keep on truckin along!

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Cariboo Author
Cariboo - - 15 comments

Thank you for your nice comment.

I basically spend the whole time fighting between fixing bugs, implementing new features, making the game feel nice and trying to focus. The latter is by far the hardest.

The new event system that i'm writing might fall into this category, it will make my coding easier and the code cleaner but in the end i'm just adding development time while i could just hack around my bad event system. I've always been a perfectionist and it's been just a few years i realized that it's not a skill.

I will still rewrite this event system even though part of my brain think it's stupid, the other one think that it will make me a better programmer. That's why deadlines are good, i have deadlines but they are in my mind; what i need is hard deadlines.

In any case, if you are still here after that amount of text, thanks for the comment, i'm mostly coding in the void so seeing those are really motivating, see you next week with more fixes and more bugs :)

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d2theRizzle - - 68 comments

Can't wait for the upcoming updates! I've played League of Legends and DotA 2, so i'm familiar with moba's, and its nice to see one of a new style. i also can't wait til i can play it :)

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