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Fixed bugs around towers & banners mechanics, netcode, sounds and bananas.

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Don't try to find any logic with the healthbars colors, that's chaotic at the moment. The scenario is basically one tower attacking the wizard and another one healing him. Each tower has been summoned by both characters on the GIF.

I've been spending some time fixing various bugs in order to be ready for the next playtest that i expect to be next week.

I'll have to rebind those skils to proper keys, tweak skills, fix more bugs and i should be fine.

(but i probably won't)

  • FIXED circular frame buffer
  • FIXED charge, removed the lag compensation, I now let net corrections handle it, more reliable for now
  • FIXED message sending netrate
  • FIXED blur with pixel fonts
  • FIXED the server ending the instance when one team is disconnected
  • FIXED banners positions
  • FIXED a bug when dying while carrying a banner
  • FIXED banner attach/detach client-side
  • FIXED mask & hitbox for towers
  • FIXED collision tunneling (don' think it's fixed though :3)
  • FIXED tower not dropping after player death
  • FIXED towers not being attackables anymore
  • REVAMPED the way i feed my animations
  • ADDED new font for tooltips
  • ADDED a few sounds for skills
  • ADDED teleport animation
  • ADDED quick visual feedback for the healing tower
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