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Hi and welcome to weekly update number 8; this week I'll discuss the unit classes. Next week's update will be the weapon list.

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Hi and welcome to weekly update number 8; this week I'll discuss the unit classes. Next week's update will be the weapon list.

The unit classes are:
Units with a * require a special structure for construction
Light fighter, not very special strong against bombers
Light bomber, not very special, strong against frigates but can't hold it's own against fighters
Heavy fighter, stronger fighter, can be used to hold back enemy fighters and bombers
Heavy bomber, stronger bomber, has big effect on larger enemy ships and also has some light anti fighter weapons
Elite fighter*, special starfighter with heavy weapons can easily take on enemy fighters and bombers
Elite bomber*, special bomber that can even take on heavy capital ships, it also has anti fighter weapons so it can also battle light fighters
Light Corvette, it's rapid fire weapons make it deatly to light fighters and bombers, however the elite fighters and bombers are still a thread
Heavy corvette, the ulltimate anti fighter unit it carries rapid fire weapons and missile launchers so even the elite fighters and bombers are no match against it. Some of them can even take on light capital ships
Escort frigate, light frigate thats armed with various light and heavy weapons, some designs also carry some fighters and bombers
Assault frigate, heavy frigate with various heavy weapons and fighter/bomber squadrons
special frigate*, special frigate with a special function like an Immoblizer 418 cruiser, however they're lightly armed an armored so they need an escort
Light capital ship*: Light capital ship with minor arms, it can take on enemy frigates but it has only little effect against smaller vessels. Also carries a medium pletora of fighters and bombers
Heavy capital ship*, Heavy capital ship with advanced weapons, and also anti fighter weapons protecting it from smaller ships, also carries a tractor beam and a large pletora of fighters and bombers
Dreadnought, Very big kick-ass ship with many kick-ass weapons, it also carries a small fighter factory so you'll get unlimited squadrons from it, some of them can even call a small fleet

Infantry, normal infantry units with normal weapons to take on enemy infantry
heavy infantry, infantry units with a bazooka or disruptor to battle enemy vehicles
Elite infantry, strong fast moving troopers with long range weapons and bombs to battle both infantry and vehicles
Light vehicle/walker, small vehicle/walker with light weapons to combat infantry
Medium vehicle/walker, bigger vehile/walker with heavier weapons to battle light vehicles
Artillery, units with heavy long range weapons making it deatly to everything exept aircraft, however they're lightly armored and don't have short range weapons so they need an escort
Heavy vehicle/walker, strong vehicle/walker with heavy weapons to battle vehicles
AA-vehicle, vehicle with anti air weapons to keep enemy aircraft away
Aircraft, flying units that move quickly and are imune to many enemy units
Droid, droid units they can be deadly to enemy units because they know no fear

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