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This week we take a look at our work in progress item editor and talk briefly about modding. We also have some more art incoming from the art department.

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Welcome to our 2nd weekly update. We will be releasing updates about the development weekly/biweekly right here, and in our blog and forums. We will be providing a lot of insight into our development in the form of various media and text. We wish to show how the game is being crafted, what is happening with the team and possibly even teach you a few tricks. We're open to questions and suggestions, so if you're curious to know about something, post away! We're open to everything. The only thing we won't give away is the recipe for our secret muffin. That stays a company trade secret.

Introducing the Item Editor

That didn't sound too epic as a title, but trust me - it's way cooler than that. Thanks to our technical artist Taylor Hughes (aka raven67854), we'll soon have a nifty tool to sort out our in-game items, starting from weapons, through armor and all the way up to Papa Joe's left wooden leg. The catch is, we're trying to create this little tool to speed up the process and later on have a great addition to the modding toolkit. Keep in mind, it's still a work in progress, and we are adding more and more functions as we speak. Have a look:

That's of course not the final Item Editor. Below you can read the additional features that are planned for the weapons section. If you have a suggestion don't hold it back. Let us know, and we might add it!

  • Subclass: One Handed, Two Handed (radio button, single selection)
  • Attack Type: Piece, Bludgeoning, Slash, Hack (check box, multiple selection)
  • Attack Damage: from [value x] - to [value y] rnd*[value z]
  • Attack Speed (drop-down list) : Very Slow. Slow. Average. Fast. Very Fast
  • Model (drop-down list) of .mesh-es or that can be used as a melee weapon.
  • Stat: Bonus to one of the 6 attributes
  • Skill: Bonus to skills/abilities, mostly character specific
  • Buff: Bonus magic stuff, like situational boosts, curses, etc
  • And more. If you have suggestions, write away!

Creating weapons through this little tool will be a lot easier than having to script each item by hand. We just simply export a .xml (if people prefer they can still script weapons in .xml), import ingame and we practically have our weapon set. Easy as that. Fast and efficient.

A few words on Modding

When we started working on Dilogus - The Winds of War, one of the first things we considered was moddability. We want to make sure that the end user can comfortably sit down and have a blast creating game related additions (like quests, extra items, more areas), or create custom scripts to implement additional features. Currently we can't say too much about custom scripting as we are still in testing phase of how we could execute that efficiently, however we are on a good path creating a very easy toolset which will allow us to create both items, conversations and quests through an easy and comprehendable visual interface.

The majority of members on our team derive from heavy modding backgrounds. We know how important it is for the tools to be as straight forward as possible. With that being said, we really want to make sure that these tools are as user friendly as possible, too. We are open to any and every suggestion that you might have relating to the matter. Ideas, requests, critique? We welcome all of it. Don't spare us! We are crafting a game which aims to be a close friend when it comes to modding, therefore your suggestions mean a lot to us.

Prototype Madness: Rendering Detail Concepts

Kyle, one of our concept artists is working hard to define the style of our buildings. These will be used for our prototype environment for now, but are also the foundation of a certain style. Mostly a mixture of Brong and Dilogian decoration, with a little impact of Quithar roof style. Soon we will release more information on all of the styles, possibly even a timelapse on how these art pieces are made, if there is interest!

If you would like to follow our progress, you can Watch the project or tune in with one of our community sites. Another option is to have a check in at our Blog and Forum.


sounds great

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Awesome update, thanks for doing open developement.

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Desiderium Author

It's our pleasure. =)

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