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Hey everybody and welcome to the eleventh weekly update, this week I'll discuss the Upgrades.

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Hey everybody and welcome to the eleventh weekly update, this week I'll discuss the Upgrades.

The mod will feature a bond list of upgrades; upgrades with a * aren't certain yet because I'm not sure if that's possible.

This list ONLY contains new upgrades.

Starfighter technology: Unlocks starfighter research.
Corvette technology: Unlocks corvette research.
Frigate technology: Unlocks frigate research.
Capital technology: Unlocks capital ship research.
Research lasers*: Advance your weapon tech to laser weapons
Special weapon research*: installs special weapons on some units.
Infantry operations: Unlocks more advanced infantry units to be researched.
Repulserlift technology: Unlocks repulsorlift research.
Walker technology: Unlocks walker research.
Energy shield technology*: Adds shields to your space and some land units/structures.
Simulation training(lvl 1-3): Increases deploy rate from transports, increase units speed, health, fire rate and damage.
Research propeganda*: Allows you to use propeganda on enemy planets; if you use propeganda on a planet the local cicillians will fight for you. Off course you can also remove propeganda.
economic operations: Unlocks economic units and structures.
Social operations: Unlocks towns wich increase unit cap.
Ion engines*: Decreases jump to light speed time in battles and increases hyperspace speed in galactic mode.
Cloaking technology: Allows some of your units to cloak.
Self repair technology*: Ships, droids and vehicles slowly regenerate health.

Well this is the upgrade list, next weeks update will be the new Tech system.

Have a nice day ;)

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i like the propaganda upgrade:)

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