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This week! CoreSystems, Camera switching and More...

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Hello greetings everyone Today is Friday or otherwise known as payday

With that in mind here is this week’s Dev Update

Current Progress

As of right now, I've had successfully made most of the Core systems

And in the process of refining them. Please note any models and audio you hear are all temporarily in place.

Showcasing movement and camera changing

I wanted to go with an RE style camera instead of the camera always following the players back

The refinements for it is to get the camera to also track any enemies that appear on screen

And change Fov accordingly

The base Class for the Enemies is done. Enemies respond to taking damage

And also they are able to be knocked back. As well enemies can attack and knock back the player, in this knockback state you're unable to move but you also won't take damage until your up. it's hard to tell currently as I haven't added a temp knockdown animation.

A Lock on feature and able to change targets and toggle off

Indicated by the white sphere above enemies heads only temporarily that way until i refine the system more there's a lot of bugs with it so this going to be one of the focus for next week

Level switching on trigger location. currently refining it to allow for the player to be shifted to a new location on the map and enemies spawner. These features will be the focus of next week

Future plans

As with anything the next goals or plans

Is to continue to refine the systems I have until I'm happy with them

Then move on to art and 3d models/ animations

Thanks for reading this week’s issue!

Take care and see you next week for more and exciting news subscribe watch and share.

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