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So it is the weekend and here is a short update on the project so far as well as some other announcements.

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Here is another more frequent update for you we plan soon to make one for every Friday and bring back TGI Friday updates I used to do. So lets kick it off, we are still working on key multiplayer maps for an internal Alpha build that will eventually become a public. The current maps in progress are Snowstorm and Glacial two of our snow based maps, we plan to follow this up with Fortitude (A space battle map) and Telcom a indoors map. We have outdoor maps not set in the snow too but we will talk about them later on when we get to them. Also we are working on art for multiplayer armour sets and our key Zone Characters (that are key to the Zone Universe) and we will be showing off more art in the future.

Open Positions

It has come to a time where we need to fill in some key spots as well as open new spots so I'll list them below;

Programmer: (2 Open)
We are looking for someone with good UDK knowledge able to work with existing code as well as creating new code for game mechanics and networking. Prior skills are a plus. And good communication skills are a must. Contact us (using the email at the bottom) for more details

3D Artist: (2 Open)
We are looking for some 3D artists good with modular skill and structural design to work with existing artists and level designers in creating multiplayer environments. Prior skill is a plus. Communication skills are a must. Contact us (using the email at the bottom) for more details

Concept Artist (4 Open)
We are looking for 2D graphical concept artists able of creating concepts for Zone and also working on graphical short stories if possible to expand the universe. You will be working with an existing team of artists within the Zone universe and responsible for the look and feel of the universe. Contact us (using the email at the bottom) for more details

We will also be posting other job positions on our UDN forum post here - (Also click for more information)

Quick Exit

Now as I have had a week off and progress is mainly internal things we cannot share yet this update has been short and hopefully sweet, but hopefully we can fill up our poen positions and grow our team size a bit more over the next few weeks as well as be able to show you more content, I may up some more to the gallery next week.

Once again, Bye All!

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