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Here we have information on our decisions for the current iteration of the game.

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Something new that was added in the latest iteration of our game was a radar system to help detect enemies and important items. The radar only works when the player has collected the required batteries to make it function - red batteries to detect enemies, and blue batteries to detect ship parts and other batteries. We made these changes to add more interesting decisions to our game and make the game experience more engaging for the players. We also redesigned our map to make it less maze-like and hopefully less frustrating to play through. We added some new sound effects and a screen-shake when the enemy attacks so that the gameplay feels more vibrant. To this end, we also added beach tiles and a new title screen.

For the next iteration, we will review feedback to see if our radar system is working well enough and if the new battery abilities are useful. If they are not, we will try to rearrange the map or redesign the battery abilities to offer some new unique gameplay mechanics. We will also review whether players are able to progress through the game by collecting ship parts; if they continue to be confused, we may reduce the number of parts required to be collected to make the game a bit easier on the player's engagement. We will also add a proper ending to the game after all of the ship parts are collected.

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