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Good news: infantry units are mostly completed with only small adjustments and refines left to be made. There are tables below with the infantry units and their requirements. The ones listed on gold are the added ones. Blue, purple, red are the originals.

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Progress status:

ProgreesRep Week06

Allied Infantry:

Units Inf A

A0) Field Medic
Even if in modern warfare a medic will not make a huge difference, the Allied High Command decided that field medics were a good choice, especially for troop's morale.
The medic is recommended to be used with strike squads that have a very limited number of members.

A1) Chrono Shotgun G.I.
Some of the Allied generals considered necessary that special G.I. squads should be equipped with Personal Translocators. After the decision was approved, Chrono GIs were deployed.
They can instantly teleport to any scanned location.
Due to the requirements of the Translocators, the sand bags and heavy weapons had to be discarded, but in favour of the possibility of a surprise attack.
Therefore, the Chrono G.I. will be equipped with shotguns, giving it a good tactical advantage in combination with the Personal Translocator.

A2) Prism Trooper
After the Prism technology reached a high enough development level, the Allies designed light prism weapons.
The field implementation of this weapons resulted in the deployment of the Prism Trooper.
This version of the weapon also has the advantage that it can fire against air targets.

A3) Combat Droid
As a fast response to the ever-growing threats, the Combat Droid was developed. It will be able to arrive very quickly at the desired location on its own.
It has been equipped with prism technology; therefore, it deals large amounts of damage for a unit of its size.

A4) Chrono Blocker
Due to the success of the neutron equipped soldiers, the Allies created a new generation of battle suits and neutron rifles.
And so, the new Chrono Blockers entered the battlefield, causing even more damage than the previous generation.

A5) Cyborg Commando
The Cyborg Commandos were the Allies response to the Soviet Terminator units that proved to be the horror of any infantry and even light and medium vehicles.
The unit is equipped with an experimental plasma gun that will deal great amounts of damage against any type of materials.

Soviet Infantry:

Units Inf S

S0) Cosmonaut
Cosmonauts were introduced into full military service due to the excessive use of air units by the Allies.
It is a good counter to any jetpack-based infantry.

S1) Tesla Commando
After the Tesla Troopers proved that a shock can make a big difference, the Tesla research was continued and bigger portable Tesla weapons were developed.
When deployed, the Tesla Commando can fire a much more powerful Tesla gun.

S2) KGB Agent
Due to the exaggerated use of spies by the Allied forces, the Soviets decided to re-implement the usage of their own spies.
Their spies however, well-trained KGB agents, can eliminate the crew of vehicles and commandeer them.

S3) Acid Trooper
Since the Soviets were using combat suits for the sock troopers, they decided to give them an additional use. They equipped soldiers with acid guns and deployed them.
The acid guns can very devastating effects if left uncontrolled. The acid is molecular in nature, obtained after a lot of Soviet Xenomorph research.
The suits are a next generation model, providing additional protection compared to the ones used by shock troopers.

S4) Flak Mortar
A quick assault unit was needed in the Soviet army. The Flak Cycle can defend the armoured units against air threats arriving very fast at the needed location.
The Flak launcher also allows for small artillery shells to be fired. In enough numbers, it can be a problem for any standard base defences.

S5) Xenomorph
One of the greatest successes of the Soviet Tesla-Xeno based research resulted in the creation of this unit.
It is very fast, versatile and due to its genetics, it will prioritize the elimination of any living infantry unit alive.
The powerful molecular acid that the Xenomorph can spit will melt any type of material.

S6) Antimateriel Sniper
Finally, the Soviets have allowed the general deployment on the battlefield of advanced Dragunov sniper rounds.
Armor piercing and explosive in the same time, the rounds will penetrate through anything and will cause devastating damage.

S7) Terminator
This unit was kept secret until the 4th prototype was created. The T-units were not deployed until a flawless model existed. That model was the T-4000.
The unit is armed with a modified Vindicator Minigun with armour-penetrating 7.62x63mm ammo. The Termination units were made to clean-up everything on the battlefield, and so they do.
Without heavy armour or special weapons, engaging those units in direct combat is futile.

Yuri Infantry:

Units Inf Y

Y0) Mad Dog
Yuri found that Dogs that are left over experiments are very good at decimating enemy infantry, therefore introduced them to the battlefield.
This dog, even in the unpleasing form it comes in, proved a welcomed addition to Yuri's forces.

Y1) Javelin
The lack of basic anti-air infantry proved to be a problem in certain combat scenarios for Yuri's forces. Therefore, he started training troops equipped with anti-air launchers.
Now combat outposts can be safely deployed without the risk of being attacked just as they start construction.

Y2) Jet Trooper
Following the example of the Soviets, Yuri designed its own jetpack infantry as a counter to what the enemy has.
Practically, specially trained initiates were fitted with jetpacks.

Y3) Psychic Agent
If enemy forces can be mind-controller or at least influenced, then this is something to be exploited.
The Psi Agent will trick the mind of the enemy troops making him appear a friendly unit, therefore being able to infiltrate enemy installations.

Y4) Gattling Brute
An improvement of the initial Brute program resulted in a relatively well trainable Brute.
Due to its physical strength, the Brute can carry a very large Gattling cannon easy.
The brute will fire at anything moving and will inflict fear into enemy ranks by its looks and actions. The brute is not easy to contain once it is annoyed by gunfire.

Y5) T-Rex
After some extensive DNA research, Yuri's R&D managed to create a very nice breed of T-Rex. The cloning vats took care of everything else.
Although the T-Rex is not very efficient against modern firepower, the psychological effect on enemy forces is huge and can do a lot of damage if not killed fast.

Y6) Apprentice
The best Initiates became Apprentices in Yuri's army. They have been fitted with very advanced experimental weapons that can accelerate the fired projectiles with psionic energy.
The projectiles can be accelerated so fast that they can go through nearly any known material.
The residual psionic energy will contribute with significant additional damage along the path.

Y7) Commando Clone
Yuri used bio-chem intensive research and was able to clone some of the best commandos that the Allied forces had in their history, after obtaining their DNA.
The best result of years of research was chosen and introduced into a mass cloning process. The commando clone is now available in large numbers across the battlefield.

Country specific and stolen tech Infantry:

Units Inf X

C0) SAS [Britain only]
Great Britain decided that SAS units have to enter the service of the Kingdom, making a big difference in the field in favour of the allies.
The SAS is the best multi-purpose infantry Great Britain can bring to the battlefield.

C1) Rider [Germany only]
Since the German Tank Destroyers were easy targets for well-organized infantry squads, Germany decided to take an apparently strange approach: an appeal to motorbike riders.
Widely available but undisciplined, riders were conscripted into the army without any excessive rules being applied to them.
Many joined, forming motorized divisions, the best possible support for the German anti-tank units already in service.

C2) Delta force [US only]
Due to the success of SEALs on naval operations, the US took the only decision it could: the massive reintroduction of Delta Force units into the battlefield.
Those units will be able to provide very good efficiency for any ground-related operation. They can participate in naval warfare, but that part is best left for the SEALs.

C3) Tank Buster [France only)
Since France made the biggest gun in the world that is still in active use, more was desired.
France considered armoured units as primary threat, so they started training Tank Busters, infantry units very well specialized in fights against armoured vehicles.

C4) Spetsnaz [Russia only]
In response to the Allied deployment of SEALs on the battlefield, Russia decided to commit their special forces.
Spetsnaz soldiers are well armed, well trained, including in resistance against psionic interference and will make a difference when necessary.
They will only be deployed when there is a direct threat to the Motherland.

C5) Saboteur [Cuba only]
Disguised as any possible enemy, the Saboteur is equipped with TNT charges.
If it manages to get through enemy lines unnoticed, it can cause quite a lot of damage. He can plant many bombs and if not noticed immediately, it will be too late to counter it.

C6) Hunter Bot [Korea only]
Korea considered Yuri the greatest recent threat, so they decided to develop something special.
The Hunter Bot cannot be influenced by any mind-control technology and is harder to eliminate than normal infantry.
Those Bots are used by Korea whenever there is a ground confrontation against Yuri's forces.

T0) Gunslinger (Stolen Allied Tech)
Anyone able to access Allied Command Codes will gain access to the secret bounty hunter contracts and therefore will be able to contract mercenaries.
Being bound by contract makes sure that they will not desert the battlefield when you least expect it.

T1) Soviet Sniper (Stolen Soviet Tech)
Who is worthy enough to steal from the old stockpile of Soviet Dragunov sniper rifles will be able to equip and train his troopers with those great rifles.
The special model of this type of rifle was created to fire from a mounted position. That gives the advantage of being able to use much more powerful ammo.
Therefore, the Soviet Sniper will fire the standard rifle from a standing position and the heavy rifle, loaded with armour piercing very high range rounds, from a deployed position.

T2) Mortar Sniper (Stolen Yuri Tech)
Obtaining secret technology from Yuri will allow the training of a long-range unit equipped with a sniper rifle and mortar.
Those specially trained units do not like close encounters but will be very efficient if deployed properly in key positions across the battlefield.
A squad of Mortar Snipers can complement each other and be self-=sufficient on the battlefield.

T3) Volkov (Stolen Allied+Soviet Tech)
After a period of absence, a great hero returns. He has been reassembled thanks to the combined research of Soviet explosives and Allied cybernetics and armed with powerful explosives.
He will detonate and take any enemy with him. Since many redundant components have been removed to make space for more explosives, the detonation of this unit is quite powerful.

T4) Gattling Trooper (Stolen Soviet+Yuri Tech)
Combining advanced armour prototypes from the Soviet Union with the Gattling technology developed by Yuri can result in a very efficient infantry unit.
The soldier will have power armour at its disposal to facilitate movement and servo-compensate both the weight of a Gattling gun and that of its movement.

T5) Death (Stolen Yuri+Allied Tech)
After combined psionic and temporal research, one of the greatest horrors has been created. It was designated "Death" by the friends of those encountering it.
Almost no infantry unit managed to survive an encounter with Death. It appears that this manifestation is de-phased from normal space.
That means only special methods of detection will be able to pinpoint its location.

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