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Icarus finally has its own website! The marketing machine awakes from its slumber!

Posted by on has arrived! I'll wait for you all to go check it out.

This is the sign of the end of times! Or at least the end of development. I've set the cutoff date for testing at the 20th and with any luck I'll have the game available for download before the end of the month. Of course I've never done e-commerce so it's hard to estimate.

I'm also uploading a new video. Long-time watchers will notice that it's mostly an update of the last video. I don't think I can really show too much more as the game is mostly about the actions you take and the feelings you experience during the game. Video strips this aspect out so there's really only so much I can do with it.

Unfortunately I think everything to say about development has been said by now, but please feel free to spread the word and show Icarus to all your friends! I guess this is where I end with something marketing-cheesy like, "Icarus is spreading his wing and will be soaring to a PC near you!"

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