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There are 9 rifles that are overhauled by this mod.

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> Hunting Rifle - Primarily chambered between 38 and 308, can even use 44-Magnum, it is relevant in any stage of the game, providing immense single-shot damage. Unlike the vanilla game, it forgoes the 50-BMG round for the more sensible 30-06 Round.

> Lever Rifle - Rechambered for the 44-Magnum, and depreciated the use and existence of 45-70, it is much more flexible and versatile. It can shoot 500-Magnum Receiver. If you are ammo-starved, it can also fire the more common 45-Round.

> Battle Rifle / Machinegun (Renamed from Assault Rifle) - Heavy-weight, accurate, fast-firing -- a weapon that shoots like a dream if you have the weight to spare. The Battle Rifle allows utilization of heavy ammunition with large capacity and fast rate of fire. Geared for Heavy-Gun users without actually being THAT heavy.

> Assault Rifle / Marksman Rifle (Renamed from Combat Rifle) - Lightweight, accurate, and controllable even at a distance; the modular Assault Rifle is antithetical to its larger cousin. Normally chambered for 5.56mm, it can be modified into a 5mm Personal-Defense Weapon or a 308-Caliber Marksman Rifle.

> Handmade Rifle / Shotgun - an End-Game counterpart for the Combat Rifle (now Assault Rifle), a little bit more aggressive with higher recoil and a bit higher damage. It can also be chambered for a Shotgun Receiver, comparatively trading a bit of power for ergonomics and rate of fire versus the Combat Shotgun.

> Radium Rifle - A radiation-centric rifle. It's attachments now have different levels of rad-damage bonus. It also comes with Drum (Snail) Magazine.

> Gauss Rifle - Merely upgraded and fleshed out, with more ammunition types that can even let it function as a Gauss Shotgun. It has the typical Triggers in the form of "Inductors".

> Railway Rifle - Fleshed-out in a simple manner. It can switch between Spikes, Rivets, or Ball Bearings on the fly.

> Tesla Rifle - Added a new explosive barrel, and the ability to switch between standard Fusion Cells, or the weak but fast-firing and high-capacity Fusion Cores.

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