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A list of weapons for R.S.S, The list of weapons for the R.S.S faction is only temporary, its a list of weapons that we have been thinking of and considered appropriate.

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FN Five Seven - Best Fire-Rate
Colt Python - Best Damage
P228 - Best Accuracy


MP5 Navy w/Drum Magazine - Best Fire-Rate
MP7 - Best Damage
UMP .45 - Best Accuracy


AA-12 w/Drum Magazine - Best Fire-Rate
Remington 870 - Best Damage
Savage Model 77e - Best Accuracy

Sniper Rifle's

M110 - Best Fire-Rate
L96 - Best Damage
M24 Tactical - Best Accuracy

Combat Rifle's

ACR or M4 (To be decided) - Best Fire-Rate
SCAR - Best Damage
M14 Semi Automatic - Best Accuracy


MG 42 - Best Fire-Rate
FN MAG - Best Damage
XM8 LMG - Best Accuracy

Please Comment and give us other ideas of weapons that could be added or take other's spots.


MP7 best damage???? Switch that with usp. A 9mm dosnt give more punch than a .45...

Should switch the L96 with the Barret M107
ACR or M4, ACR is more modern and less jammable, while M4 has a high jam-rate, which makes it more useless... The ACR has low recoil aswell, but the m14 does have a bigger recoil than the ACR, but its semi-automatic...

Thats all.

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DiplexHeated Author

Thanks for the reply, howerver we consider the usp being a pistol and not a submachine-gun and therefor it cant be placed in that category. Barret is an overused sniper rifle accordingly to us so we tought it would be cooler with the L86 ;)

As for the ACR, thats what we're probably are going to choose. However, one shot from and M14 wont be as accurate as one shot from an ACR.

Thanks for the reply, post again if you think what i said was complete bs :)

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The L96 and M110 both are .308(7.62x51), so technically they should do the same damage. Same goes for the UMP45 and the MP7, they both fire 45. The SCAR and ACR would also be tied for damage, since they can both be barreled for either 5.56x45 or 7.62x51. As for accuracy, the L86 would be the most accurate hence the longer barrel, and the Five-seveN would definitely be the most accurate pistol.

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