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This week we bring you Lucifer and Gabriel in weapon form and some more world-building tests.

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To start it off with the cool stuff the weapons. This last week we finished the models for both Lucifer and Gabriel the first human weapons we have in our game.

This is the model for the Lucifer weapon. Brings a new meaning to sticking them with the pointy end.

lucifer sowrd model

Next, we have one of the color tests made and so far the most likely to be used in the final project.

lucifer sword colored

Next up we have Gabriel we tried to do a simple medieval European sword.

Gabriel sword colored

We also did a new mountain as the last one we posted didn't match the rest of the art style that well.

low polly mountain

And for the final update, we tried some different level mockups.

The first one would be more linear and flat having just the forest in the surrounding area with the dwarf mountain in the distance.

Test level 1

While for the second one we tried to go for a more complicated terrain having cliffs on the forest edges and creating bridges that would allow crossing from one section to the next. Also ends up giving the player more ways to deal with the AI.

map test

For this week this is all that we have. Maybe next week we can start showing some actual gameplay with our own assets for the game.

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