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Raising the Bar needs your help! We are making progress, but we need more positions filled in order to be a more complete mod.

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Raising the Bar has come a long way from when we started, and we could not have done it without the support of our community. We hope that you have enjoyed our media and updates, and we also want to thank you for ideas and input. But we still need help.

There are several key areas of mod development that, as of the time of this writing, have been left unfilled. We need these postions filled or else we will be, in slang terms, "up the creek without a paddle".

We need:

  • Texture artists- Competent artists that can make high-definition textures for walls, weapons, creatures, and other things. We will be making both HD versions of beta and retail textures or creating entirely new ones, so we are hoping that a few artists will step up for the job.
  • Scripters/Coders- Anyone who can code reasonably or very well for npc's, weapons, sequences, and etc. We plan on having a wide range of characters and weapons, so this will be a lot of work.
  • Musicians- Although currently not that big of an issue, we plan on having a full soundtrack for the mod. We need a musician or musicians that are able to work in these genres very competently: Action, Suspense, Horror, Ambient, and Electronic. Again, we do not need one as of the time of this writing, but it would be to our advantage to have one onboard so that we can coordinate our maps with their music.
  • Animators- We have several weapons and npc's that need entirely new animations, so we will need good animators to make it happen.
  • Mappers- We already have a few mappers on the team, but we could always use more. There are going to be plenty of maps in the final mod, so the more mappers, the better.

Keep in mind that while these positions are urgent, they are optional. We plan on making the best mod we can, so constructive criticism will be used. Although we are willing to give a chance to anyone who wants to give it a try, we do prefer past experience in the chosen field(s). If you do want to join, contact AmbientNoise or post a comment on our mod page.

Thanks for supporting us this far,
The Raising the Bar Dev Team.

cryos-lithos - - 44 comments

I can help you guys only with translation from english to russian. if you need this - I can start my work right now. :)

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TheSleepingObama - - 438 comments

I know alot about the beta and were most like guns and npcs spawn. So I could help. I do not have a PC it is being cleaned and I have another mod I'm working on.

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CuervoSp - - 1,517 comments

If you want I can help in some parts of the mapping, like lighting or adding details.

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RenaFox - - 7 comments

I am mapper and texture artist, you can add me on steam if you wish to discuss ^^

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-=Zombine3D=- - - 279 comments

For music, you could ask Muddasheep. My texturing is aweful and my mapping is mediocre, so sorry.

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metrosexualhipster - - 2 comments

I know some mapping and I usually used to practice with hl2leak mappack (like fixing and optimizing geometry or doing stuff from scratch). Also I can hel translate into the spanish.

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Boker - - 215 comments

Contacta conmigo, soy el lider del Mod

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