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Young people all over the globe are joining up to save the future. Do your part and join the Mobile Infantry.

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Good day citizens and welcome to the first update for L4D2 Starship Troopers. I guess it's time for a short introduction on who's working on this project.

I'm PeatearB and I'm just some citizen in Sweden that has been mapping on the source engine for years, most specifically for the L4D series, and I'm the sole developer of this mod. Some of my released maps are Roadwarrior, Cottage of Doom and Saving Private ZAWMBIE. I've made many more though, dozens, that never got released for various reasons. That's enough about me though.


"We have the ships. We have the weapons. We need soldiers."

One of the goals of this project is to recreate the feeling of the movie and have loads of Mobile Infantry troopers fighting even more Arachnids. Since L4D2 doesn't natively support more than 4 human survivor players and introducing more through sourcemod can cause problems, I've opted to implement Mobile Infantry NPCs to help serve as meat for the grinder.

That's where you citizens come in. Join the Mobile Infantry by sending in your own voice recordings of battle cries, death screams, reload yells, taunts etc. You are free to quote the movie as much as you want or come up with your own original lines. If you have the know how you can even send in your own head models or head model reskins. Anything is accepted as long as it doesn't break away from the setting (no childish voices and anime or pony heads I'm afraid).

To join up click here and send me the files as the following:

  • Voice recordings as either .mp3 or .wav files with no mic crackling
  • Head models as finished (UV mapped etc) .smd files and with the textures as .vtf and .vmt files NOTE: No need to add hair to the head model since the helmet will cover it
  • Head reskins as .mdl, .vtf and .vmt files

As a full fledged Mobile Infantry trooper and citizen of the Federation you will earn a place on the credits list and live forever.

Until next time you apes!

RedeemerEngaged - - 674 comments

I have no doubt you can pull of the mapping since e.g. Roadwarrior is pretty cool too. :)

Sadly I cant help you since I am bad at voicecasting, modeling and skinning. You could use (suiting) placeholder models though and sounds+music from the movies, that way you atleast won't be slowed down by lack artists/voicecasters etc. There is a fairly old starship troopers fps game too which may be usefull to you for placeholder models and sounds.

Anyway gl

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PeatearB Author
PeatearB - - 10 comments

Hey and thanks. I actually already have a bunch of edited citizen heads to use and both the movie and FPS game from 2005 are on my HDD for reference etc. I just thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Whats left until first release is mostly mapping and a bit of modeling (fixing rigging for female troopers, textures and some custom map props). I've already finished most of the vscripting and gameplay related things for Beta 1 and I'll talk more about it in detail in the next update.

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RedeemerEngaged - - 674 comments

Sounds good. I love both Left4dead and Starship troopers so I am quite excited for this mod.

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