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We need more freedom fighters! spread the word the other groups to end this tyranny and restore the republic!

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We Need Recruits to fight the empire!

We need soldiers,pilots, engineers,, anyone that can shoot stormtroopers!
Our main goal is to restore the republic, and kill the emperor. Killing the emperor will make the empire unorganized and will start to crumble and eventually fall.

THIS is our main goal but we have another goal, liberate every planet from imperial rule.

These goals cannot be achieved easily, this will take many years of fighting, but remember why your fighting, its to restore the republic and peace and freedom to the galaxy

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Tell Other Groups to Join us

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*winks* Is this where i enlist?
*Pulls up gun*

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You need freedom fighters? Excellent, you recognize that your allies the Jedi fight freedom. Help destroy this perverse Force manipulating cult and make way for the Sith who fight for the right to use the Force to it's full potential. Join the Dark Side.

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