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Yo we has a forum now!!!! come join us and tell us what you want!!!

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It's not much but I think it will help with people wanting to have some place just to be. Much like the Old SMod:T, we now have a forum board, It's nothing much and it's a free one, but at least it's something.

Now back a few posts ago gave a hint on what was to come. Well that planned has changed a lot. I wanted to make a Tactical mod that was made around choosing a path. One with people shooting at you from all sides, and another side full of traps. Well looking at it now that would be hard to pull off right. So there is a change in plans. I am Hoping (key word there) to do something that I have never seen. I have seen beta videos of it, but no downloads. SMod:Tactical Is getting an upgrade.

We leave behind the streets that we know so well and look high in to the sky to see the tallest building with a large ring of clouds around it. Yes thats right, we are going to (try) to make SMod:Tactical 2 "Falling City" IE a SMod of HL2: EP1 (I'm going to hate my self for this so much later I know it).

We might not have a Source code to go off of, but we don't need it (hopefully).

Now at the Forums you will see an area called "Mission" you will find 2 or 3 topics, each having a different thing in it. please go there, make an account, and help us out in what you want to see in it.

Yes I will still work on any updates needed for this version of SMod:Tactical.

Nitro_Hedgehog - - 48 comments

I wish the maker of SMOD would give up the source code already.. look at how much it has been improved without it. imagine what you could do WITH it.

but that's just wishful thinking though... you guys are doing a great job!

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