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Small. But Mighty. Cain777, Applied for the job. We saw his work, And we Liked it! So here he is. Read and learn.

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Yep, it seems our little Dev team is growing in number. Small, but mighty. Cain German,who goes by the nickname of Cain777, Is our latest addition.
here's His little Bio:

"In an upbringing that was constantly surrounded by various types of music, it is only natural that I developed an ear and immense passion for it. That same passion inspired my young self to practice my guitar hours on end. In some cases, I even found myself trapped in my room and often did not see daylight.
With a musical background coming from both sides of his family, I was introduced to the guitar at an early age but did not pick up the instrument until later years. My dad was surprised at how quickly I consumed the music and the way I practiced with such diligence. Some said that it was just a phase, being that I was only another teenager strapping an electric guitar. Only to surprise them with my playing, as I won a local guitar competitions when I was seventeen years old.
My imagination was not limited to the guitar. In high school, I decided to participate in the schools performing ensemble. Since they did not have guitar classes available, I chose percussion. The percussion ensemble went on to win several Southern California competitions as well as national competitions. During my time in the percussion ensemble, I developed a hard working ethic, keen musicianship, and my influences were widened with much gratitude and appreciation to my instructor, Rich Gordon.
My influences range from Bartok to Zappa, from classical to metal. Petrucci to Patitucci. Not only limited concert music or rock, but film and game music as they too play an integral role in todays culture.
Currently, I am currently attending the Cole Conservatory of Music in Southern California where I hope to achieve a deeper understanding of my passion"
Check out his Website and his work.

This is Good Good news, But hear this. We have some Gameplay Footage. Editing and Compressing right now. So hold your horses, this rocket is going to fly.

Also, We remind that we are looking Desperately for a Coders, modelers and Skinners


yay cain!!!

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