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Just read. Unfortunately not much to say. We're getting some modeling done, we're getting a couple new people, OH AND WE HAVE Mr. Jonathan Ledbetter!

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Hey guys, we just wanted to fill you in on what is going on over at our ends. We have been doing quite a lot, in the modeling department, Xander0 has finished his first model, though we're going to hold of on rigging it and focus all of our power towards modeling the EVAs and such. So, we are now recruiting Talented people for prop modeling and character modeling. Yes, we want one or two people to model props (like buildings and cars, and trees) and one or two people to model the actual characters like Shinji, and Asuka, and Rei, etc etc.
Also, in terms of recruitment, the team members and I are happy to welcome Mr. Jonathan Ledbetter to our team! He is now one of only two voice actors on the team. He is very good at what he does, like the rest of our team. He currently voices the role of Gendo Ikari and possibly Shigeru Aoba. We are eager to post a reel of voice acting soon but WE NEED VOICE ACTORS! Namely, Shinji Ikari, Asuka Shoryu, Rei Ayanami, and at least a ton more! If you're a fan of the series and you think you can do us some justice PLEASE DON'T BE SHY!!! Drop us a line at We look forward to several dozens if not THOUSANDS of applications in the future. If Jonathan Ledbetter can do it, we're pretty sure some of you out there can do it, too.
From the Team Members of Project Evangelion, July 22, 2011

weasle - - 315 comments

Ha, I would try but im a terrible voice actor, really terrible, awesome news though.

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Altonboy Author
Altonboy - - 71 comments

You couldn't be THAT Terrible. CMON MAN try!

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Gipphe - - 85 comments

Could you post a full list of characters you need voices for? I might support you with a few middle-voiced males, if needed.

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Allgamer101 - - 2 comments

Just out of curiosity, are you guys still open for Voice Overs?

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