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This is the announcement for the demo's release date

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Hello everyone,

This will be a really short update.

I wanted to share some news about the release date of the demo.


This is it, the demo is finally finished, and ready to be released.

The demo releases on 2022/07/21

The demo could have been released about a week or two earlier, but i had some things to do, so i had no time for the demo.



You can think of this demo like it's chapter 1 release. It is basically chapter 1, but just open to change for the full release.

The demo's playtime is about 35 - 40 min more or less depends on the player.





That is all I have for you now in this short post.

See ya

D34by - - 15 comments

Good News! Thanks for this

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Tabajara77 - - 309 comments

Thanks for your hard work! Can't wait to play it!!!

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gaben17 - - 1 comments

Why these posts are so relaxing to read

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Kmarksman - - 5 comments

This was a great demo. The level design is pretty good and I really liked the traps and set pieces you put in. A couple things to critique is that I think the player was rewarded too much with health and ammo during the playthrough, so I would cut down on some of that (assuming this wasn't for the sake of it being a demo). There were a couple minor things like ladder problems and some missing level geometry, but overall, this was a great demo. I can't wait to see it release.

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3stripedkilla Author
3stripedkilla - - 39 comments

Thanks a lot for pointing out problems, i'm glad that you enjoyed the demo!!!

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Tibidoki - - 2 comments

This demo is great! Lots of detail, really liked the lighting and ambient sounds. A lot of modders forget this, but sounds are very important! I feel there is a lot of work in it. I know this because I also spend my free time making Half life 2 Ep. 2. maps.
I have a question: when the player is fighting on the roof, you can see a very large area. How did you solve the optimization here? With "Hint" textures? Or with areaportals?
Was the map design and the creation of the maps your work alone?
Congratulations and I look forward to the full game!

Translated with (free version)

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