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Due to alot of business and school, we have not been able to make this mod.

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Im going to go for a last try on this mod. We started it in december 2008, and worked until february. At that time, our story writer left us. We didn't know what to do, where we should continue or start from. At that time, the mod were starting to die.

The last summer i tried to get it up and running again, by trying to recruite some people that would like to help me with this mod, as i think that this mod has a lot of potential and a good storyline. People wasn't really intrested in helping me out with this mod, and therefore it died... again

Therefore, i am recruiting for last time
I am in need of:

1-2 mappers/level designers (must know how to do displacements and road brushes!)
A modeller (for the car and other stuff)
A coder (for the car)


I will be leading the team, and giving out the plans. I will also help with the mapping and getting a website up, and also update the information on our developer-page here on moddb

I really hope that you will be intrested in helping me out with this mod. Please write a comment or PM me if you are

Here is the plan for the first chapter. The areas will be splitted into several maps:


Awesome! Good Luck!

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Glad to see this picking back up.

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uheldige Author

help us help us help us! :)

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