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A player guide detailing how to setup and play the Wayward Ventures alpha! This post will tell you everything you need to know about how to setup and play Wayward Ventures in its current form.

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Hi! This post will tell you everything you need to know about how to setup and play Wayward Ventures in its current form.

Some Catching Up

Development on Wayward has slowed due to my returning to solo development. The build I've uploaded today is buggy, but functional. I have held back from uploading builds in the past, having never considered anything 'ready enough' - but presently I feel I need to stop taking this approach and gather feedback from larger groups of players. So; please keep in mind that this build is still ‘not ready’ but can still be fun!

Wayward Ventures Player Guide

Wayward Ventures is best played with friends. Playing the game solo is near impossible as you will depend on your crewmates to sail your ship. As there is no in-game chat, it is best to use a VOIP program like Discord or Skype to communicate. If you’re looking for a server to either find team mates or talk with your existing crew; join the Wayward Ventures discord server!


  1. Download Wayward Ventures from the Downloads page on IndieDb
  2. Extract the root folder to a destination of your choice
  3. Run OceanProject.exe found in the root folder

Hosting a game

To host a game, you’ll need to either use a VPN tool like Hamachi, or forward ports 7777-7778 on your router. When you’re ready; launch the game and select Host Server from the menu

Joining a game

In order to join a game, you will need the IP of the game’s server host. This is either their Hamachi IP, or their public IP address (easily found by using

Once you have your IP, enter it in to the box under the Join Game section of the menu and press the join button.

Getting Started

Basic Controls

W A S D – Basic Movement
Left Click – Primary Item Action; For any handheld items
Right Click – Secondary Action; detailed below
F – Primary Interaction Button; for interacting with the world such as opening doors, picking up objects, etc
1 – Equip Slot 1
2 – Equip Slot 2
3 – Equip Slot 3
4 – Equip Slot 4

Inventory Controls

I – Press to toggle Inventory
Mouse Wheel up/down – Scroll Inventory Items
G – Drop currently held or selected item (Things drop wherever you are looking)
1 – Equip/Unequip Slot 1
2 – Equip/Unequip Slot 2
3 – Equip/Unequip Slot 3
4 – Equip/Unequip Slot 4

Your Ship

Players currently start Wayward Ventures with a 12 gun Galleon. It can be found at dock in the main central port players spawn at. It can be identified by its blue and yellow colour scheme.

The galleon has 5 sails; each sail contributes a set amount of speed to the ship’s acceleration.

The ship can be boarded from water level by interacting with the side ladders in-line with the ship’s wheel.

The ship’s armament breaks down practically in to the following categories:


x4 Long Guns (Lower Gundeck)

These have three ranges; short (pistol shot range) medium (musket shot range), and long (Beyond musket shot range)

x2 Carronades (Upper Gundeck)

These are short range guns designed to be used at point blank range


x4 Long Guns (Lower Gundeck)

These have three ranges; short (pistol shot range) medium (musket shot range), and long (Beyond musket shot range)

x2 Carronades (Upper Gundeck)

These are short range guns designed to be used at point blank range


x2 Long Guns (Bow)

These have three ranges; short (pistol shot range) medium (musket shot range), and long (Beyond musket shot range)

Bowchasers are used to fire at targets dead ahead of the ship.

Making Sail

Sailing your galleon requires learning how to make as well as take in sails. The galleon has 5 sails.

To unfurl (or make) sail, the yardarms need to be interacted with. This is best done with a player on either end, mashing their F keys until the bar is filled. However, a player can unfurl the sail alone by filling their interact bar on one end of the yard, and quickly crossing over to the other side to do the same. If this is done fast enough, a single player can unfurl the sail themselves.

Once the sail is unfurled, it will need tying down, this is done by interacting with the belay pins found on deck. These interactions are carried out in the same way to the sails.

To furl (reduce) a sail, this process is repeated in reverse.

(Belay pins are seen in the screenshot below)

Naval Gunnery

Fighting hostile ships in Wayward Ventures first involves preparing the guns aboard ship. To do this; each gun must be loaded with a powder cartridge and shot.

Both cartridges and shot are found in boxes aboard the ship. Interacting with them will pick up either a single cartridge or shot;

Once this is done, interacting with a gun will load it. A gun can be loaded with just a cartridge, but will only fire powder (no shot).

To fire a gun, equip a slowmatch and left click the gun with it.

Important: Once a gun is fired, smouldering debris is left behind from the powder and shot. This is indicated by a smoke trail emanating from the gun. If a fresh cartridge is loaded without cleaning the gun there is a chance it will detonate (this is bad!). To clean the gun, equip a sponge and mash left click on the gun until the smoke trail is no longer present.

Small Arms

Small arms are the means with which you will prosecute hostile NPCs and players. They consist of pistols, swords, and muskets.

Swords are relatively simple; once selected they are equipped to the player and kept in their scabbard. Left clicking will draw the sword; Further left clicking will attack with the sword.

Right clicking will block with the sword. Blocking lasts a couple seconds during which you are unable to take further action; but any sword hits made against you will be parried. To sheath the sword simply equip it again.

Pistols and muskets are loaded by holding the R button. Loading takes a long time and should generally not be attempted in battle. Once loaded, press the R button to cock or decock the gun’s hammer. All firearms must be cocked before they are fired.

Lastly, all firearms are drawn facing up (for safety!) right click to toggle between pointing forwards and pointing upwards.

Useful Items


These are a VERY IMPORTANT item! All players should carry at least one lifeline with them at all times. Should you fall overboard whilst sailing, equip your lifeline and activate it with left click. Provided you are still close, you will be returned to the ship


This is extremely useful for navigation. There is always one found in the Captain’s quarters


Equally useful for navigation but also essential for pursuing quests from NPCs that give bearings. Found in the Captain’s quarters


Equip from the inventory with the F key. Press G outside of the inventory to drop it


Tea regenerates your life, equip and use with primary click to drink.


There are two main factions in the game with a third planned; The yellow faction (neutral) and the green faction (hostile). Not all ships adhere to these colour schemes though so be wary of their behaviour.

Quests & NPCs

Cargo shipping

Speak to this NPC found in the central town to ascertain the direction of the nearest port. Sign their ledger to begin purchasing cargo. Each signature will spawn a cargo box next to the NPC. If these are brought to a shipping warehouse at another port they can be sold for profit.

Treasure Hunting

Speak to this NPC to begin a treasure hunt quest. Sometimes you will receive the location of a clue or other NPC, sometimes you will receive a potential treasure location. You will need a compass to follow the bearings given.


Speak to this NPC to repair your ship

Bugs/Important Information

Server Host Screen locks

There is a bug where the server hosts screen can lock frequently. This can be quickly remedied by entering and exiting the inventory.

Ship Damage readout

Screenshot 2017 11 27 13 20 05

This is important for keeping track of the ship’s health – it updates automatically

Keep the guns clean!

Repeatedly firing the ship’s guns without cleaning them is dangerous; if a gun malfunctions it will explode and be irreparably lost.

Delegate Tasks!

It is very difficult to see to all tasks aboard ship yourself. It is also a bad idea to just assume someone else will see to something. Consider electing a leader or assigning roles to crewmembers. Gunners, sail handlers, lookouts, helmsmen, etc.

Arm yourself!

It is recommended that you carry a sword or pistol on your person at all times. The ship starts the game with a stocked armoury located towards the front of the ship. (Forecastle)


Always have someone at the helm of your ship during a storm. They will need to fight the wind as it pushes the ship around. If this isn’t done the ship will almost assuredly capsize.

Wind is not simulated in Wayward Ventures. Tacking to adjust for wind direction should not be taken in to consideration when sailing.

Stopping the ship

As there is no working Capstan/Anchor system yet, the fastest way to bring the ship to an immediate halt is to untie all the sails.


Looking good! Can't wait to play this gem (:

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