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The Kickstarter campaign to raise extra funds has been launched. Now you can back this archeological adventure if you're in a mood for some classic tomb-raiding 3rd person action, set in Egypt and rich with Egyptian lore.

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Call of Osiris launches its Kickstarter campaign!

It’s been a long and eventful, sometimes arduous journey since we beget Wayfarers: Call of Osiris some five years ago. It was called The Old Kingdom back then, and it was much more of a pure shooter, set in Egypt that’s been overrun by bloodthirsty monsters under the influence of the evil god Set.


That shooter gradually transformed into what Call of Osiris is today: a single-player third-person action adventure that’s equal parts exploration, traversing, combat, puzzle-solving and story. You’ll visit famous pyramids in temples in Egypt, delve deep into their mystical underworlds, battle human and supernatural enemies.


You’ll also evade deadly traps, jump over bottomless chasms, seek out secret chambers, open chests, gather collectibles, and follow an involving story about a married couple who gets caught in a war between ancient deities.


Jack's weaponry is quite varied, from handguns to automatic rifles to shotguns to a bazooka, and he's able to upgrade each piece in exchange for the silver and other collectibles.

There’s no shortage of platforming and traversing in Call of Osiris, and it’s not as automated as in many modern titles. For example, the player needs to keep the balance on beams and move carefully while on short, narrow ledges lest he plummets to his doom.

Call of Osiris is wholly single-player and story-driven, with plenty of cinematic cutscenes featuring Troy Baker as Jack Dawes and Krizia Bajos as Leila Dawes.

Our two heroes visit many iconic sites in Egypt, from the Great Pyramid of Giza and the nearby Sphinx to the magnificent temples in Karnak, Abydos and Edfu.

If the words and videos made you giddy with anticipation of some good old-fashioned tomb raiding and exploring uncharted regions ;), consider backing us on Kickstarter! The campaign is live now, and here's a handy link.

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