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Learn more about Warriorb, an exploration focused challenging spline-based platformer (Official trailer + game introduction).

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Warriorb is a challenging spline-scroller platformer - just scroll down a bit more to find out what the hack that means :) You might as well check our trailer first:

Key Features:

  • Spline based side-scroller in a full 3D environment
  • Deadly traps to challenge your skills and reflexes
  • Puzzles to give you some time to think between traps
  • Friendly fellows to have a chat with on how the World will end
  • Not so friendly fellows to have some more serious conversation with on how the World will end
  • Traders, collectible items, weapons, clothes
  • A fabulous story about a Wizard trying to get his daughter back, a World falling apart, and a spirit trapped inside a ball-body


Exploration is one of the most important aspects of our game and we tried to find a unique and interesting way to present our world. The mathematical definition of the word spline is a continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points and have a certain number of continuous derivatives. In our case this black magic is used to define how the characters of the game move in our 3D world in a 2D way - along splines!
Just take a look at the image bellow:

The horizontal movement of the player is defined by those white lines with some dots - in this case the task is to reach the top of the tower via jumping around it!
Based on splines we create a true 3D environment you can explore in a true 2D way - this provided us a good base for some interesting level design and puzzle solutions.


You play as a spirit trapped in a ball-body - this provides you "maybe not that epic, but still cool and unique" abilities like rolling and bouncing. You will need both and much more to overcome the obstacles between you and your freedom!

That was all for now, thank you for reading it.

I plan to write more about the game and development in general in upcoming blog posts. I already have a few topics in mind but let me know if there is something you would like to read about!

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