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This is really just some stuff to remove myself, and possibly ModDB from any form of legal (bullsh**) liability.

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As an after-thought, I realized that I should inform all of you watchers, waiters, and viewers of some very important information. This mod WILL contain MATURE CONTENT. What do I mean by this, well let me finish this legal disclaimer before I elaborate. :P

This is a Mature mod for a Mature rated game. To be honest, if the ESRBollocks rated this, it'd probably get an AO rating... but that is not the point. I am here to tell you that when (and it is indeed WHEN, not if) this mod is released, you must use your own discretion as to wether or not you should play it. Please follow all laws and regulations pertinent to your age/region. By playing this mod, you agree to an implied consent whatever contract that you will not sue myself, other modders involved in this mod, or ModDB for anything involving anything about this mod... even what I say about it. Erm, I think that covers everything... If you think of a loop-hole or something, please tell me. lol. This will be in the End User License Agreement/Terms of Use that no-one, including myself, reads. If you don't like the content of the mod... go sue yourself!!! :P Just joking...

Anyways, the reason I am posting all of this is because there are going to be some grody stuff in this mod... stuff that may make you uncomfortable... And I don't want to have my mod removed or deal with hate mail due to other people's intolerance... Its just a game! So yeah, this is my humorous take on a "Mature Content Warning" so you peeps cannot say that I did not warn you!

Now on to the fun stuff... I am sure you are all wandering what kind of stuff would be in this mod to warrant this warning... then again, maybe not considering most of you are probably w40k fans... :p So here are the things that will be in this mod that warrants this warning:
Copious amounts of vividly depicted violence.
Lots of violence.
Occult practices.
Substance abuse.
Sexual acts and deviations (Slaanesh anyone? Come on!)
Rot, decay, disease, plague.
Giant talking rats.
Internal organs.
Stuff you may remember from your college anatomy or figure drawing class.
Dark Humor.
Blood and violence.
Big guns and big swords with chainsaws on top!
Daemons with sexual organs (Slaanesh stuff again)
Machines with sexual organs (More Slaanesh)
Gas masks and chains.
A giant monolith similar to that in the move 2001 space odysee... or STALKER... or Roadside Picnic
Ridiculous amounts of gruesome, blood flinging, organ spilling metal music, and violence.

Hope I was able to properly inform (and give a decent chuckle to) you guys! :)


Yay ***** guns

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MeanderingBeing Author

Wait, what?

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I lol'd.

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Nevermind. I liked the idea of your mod but I see no reason to add so much gore and sexual content. I don't mind violence, but you just jumped off the deep end. I'm not tracking this anymore.

PS. And if you think I'm a wuss, I own both Dawn of Wars.

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Now thats a real Warhammer Mod!!

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