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When you come across any website that claims to provide downloads regarding the MTM, do not download it.

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I search the Titanic mod on Google every now and then, and since some time ago, some websites that crawled ModDB claimed to provide the Mafia Titanic Mod for download. They looked very fake at first so I doubted anyone would believe that. However, since recent I've noticed that some of these websites started to create more convincing fake download pages including screenshots, bogus system requirements, generated comments and fake ratings to give the victim the idea that it's a legit download.

There's a decent amount of people that do not know that the mod is still WIP. Therefore I place this warning.

This is how one of those pages look like:

(Just to avoid confusion for those that don't read this article, I wrote fake on the page)

What happens if you press the download button? You will install a small file onto your computer which can be everything except the Titanic mod, which is in other words: a virus.

Be wise and do NOT fall victim for these "downloads" and ignore them. The Titanic Mod is still in development and the data has never been spread around the internet. It is impossible you'll find the mod available for download somewhere else besides here first.

Erwin-Rommel - - 401 comments

Scumbags, why would anyone do this??

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HeadClot - - 461 comments

To make money. Which is sad and pathetic.

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RonnieScholtes - - 44 comments

It's actually pretty convincing for someone who's not familiar with the development.

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TheMarshmallowBear - - 260 comments

Yes, it's very convincing, I came across the very same site when I looked up a person's NAME, literally, I looked somebody's NAME and his name was a frigging download and I was slightly confused (obviously it hit off a red flag immdiately)

I also noticed how weird the system requirements are. It's like the basics of all basic requirements.

What was weird however were the comments...

People are getting more creative.

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♠Atroxyph - - 1,230 comments

Meh think more before clicking a download button..

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M4rked1 - - 900 comments

My God look at this! do they have no shame?

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TValok - - 11 comments

rated by 13500 user but only 3 comments ... sure xD

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XeNIKusGreekus - - 59 comments

Those jerk-offs...

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SenorGrande - - 42 comments

I reported the page here, doing this to you as well:

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MrRobville Author
MrRobville - - 735 comments

I didn't knew about that page. Thanks a lot for sharing the link! I'll definitely gonna use it whenever I come by more of these fake pages.

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SenorGrande - - 42 comments

You're welcome.
Here is a very useful article:

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dumpydoodaa - - 1,141 comments

That fake site is not convincing to me.
u see these sites for other downloads too.
they all have a similar look to them.
Mods just don't get released like that.
They are on sites like this or on mod forums for whatever pc game you're into.

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