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Presentation of War in Europe: 1939. First information.

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I’m very happy to present this game, because it is set in 1939, something not very common in an FPS. Before presenting some aspects of the game I want to say that I’m based on one of my favorite FPS, I mean Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, I’m trying to make a similar FPS in ambience and difficulty, but I know it’s something I’ll never get to do because Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is perfect.

War in Europe: 1939

War in Europe: 1939 is set in the WW2 in the year 1939, during the Poland invasion and the Winter War, many aspects of the game are being tested (to the extent possible) historically as the weaponry of that year, uniforms and real missions. In most of the levels we will be in a real operation but realizing a mission different from the historical one, to be able to do it more fun, although it is many objectives are based on the real ones historically.

Also what I want to say, is that the game will have two campaigns (Allied and Axis) in which we will play during 1939 on both sides (Polish, German, Russian and Finnish) in different missions that took place.

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