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The War for Arnor makes a return! The beta shown on Discord is now playable from moddb! Read the article for whole news!

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wfa 1Hello fans of War for Arnor! Today after some thinking, I decided to update the file in Moddb with the version Beta v0.1.1!

News About Future

After all that screenshots and showcases, War for Arnor did a lots of improvements compared to the first beta released. I have to admit, it had to remove lots of stuff because of Arnor replaced Gondor. That plan has changed, so now all factions shall be playable as intended in beta v0.1.1!

Arnor still requires a lots of job to do, that will be released for v0.2 . Why that later? Because Arnor requires a lots of work to be added as a Subfaction of Gondor, which can be playable through certain maps. As a plus, certain Evil-Men units also will be playable through desert maps (such as Near Harad) to add a more regional feeling to the game, which I explained a bit about it in previous article.

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Beta v0.1.1 Futures

Beta v0.1.1 shall future reworks on existing factions and certain elements on some aspects see below;

-A lots of model rework to original factions, such as Gondor and Rohan.
- Mahud is added to the Near Harad map. You can play it by starting as Mordor.
- A new faction explanation system, The Archives of the Past, which will give detailed explanation about Faction's system and focused (planned to improvised further!)
Ranger summon added to Gondor
- Ranger summon now comes with additional heroes, Mablung or Damrod respectively.
- Hama is added to Rohan.
- Ghan-Buri-Ghan is added.
- Spellbook icons reworked.
- A new skill is added to Boromir.


The beta is expected to release around today. That's all for today!


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