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My first game is finaly done and i like to share it with community. Game officialy enter open (public) beta stage and you should try it.

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After year of code-full days my game is finally done. War City originaly started as remake of Battle City with 2D graphics and without any sounds. Over time, project overgrow to something bigger. I created pixelart HUD and menus. In midway of developing i had start converting graphics to 3D using beautiful voxel graphics of my own creation. Result surprises even me. The 3D graphic looks very well and with real time shadows (configurable) it looks better than i ever expected. Worst think about developing process was belive or not, creating sound effects. Look, I'm able to create beautiful 2D & 3D graphics and flawlessly working code but I'm not a sound artist. Still, improving sound effects is pinned to top of my to-do list.No matter how terrible sound is now, it will be improved in future.

War City itself is Free game created in my free time. It is nothing serious, no story or anything like that just rush trough levels and be happy.

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