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The Alpha Milestone has hit, but there's a good pile of work left before the game is complete!

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Hey folks, thanks for checking in!
After a couple of weeks working with the new design, I have finished implementing the core game mechanics. In its current form the game functions, can be completed, can be lost, and offers a bit of challenge.

I've given WAS a full art and UI pass, and will probably do another pass in the next month. Any feedback on the new layout is appreciated!

I've got a couple of small features I want to add into the actual gameplay before calling it "beta", as well as some 'non gameplay' features I'd like to work in. Things like... Unlockable Cannon skins, some original music, and a leader board system are on my radar (still on the fence about implementing one).

I'll be listening for feedback on the screenshots and information I've put out. I'm also flirting with the idea of a closed beta closer to release (No promises, as this all depends on how time/development pan out).

Anyway, that's enough rambling out of me.
Thanks for checking out the game!

~Travis T.

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