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Wands with powerfull Magic.........................

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The first Wands will be placed in #Beta 2
whatever, you can buy your wand by Olivander in diagon alley. and on hogwarts there will be a special shop for wands from Fred & George. Outside the castle is Of course Rubeus Hagrid with his dog Fang
and his Spider : Aragog you can Defeat the spider if you want But i dont think Hagrid will be very happy to hear that you 'his best friend' have killed his beloved Spider :) so you can buy you wands from Oliviander and on school, so maybe you can fight with an other student on school like Harry & Draco Malfoy but im not sure about that.....

Uhm, In a week or 2 i put on the Pictures About the wands.
These are the wands that i already have : Tom Riddle's Wand = Voldemort
Harry's Wand
Ron's wand
hermione's wand
Draco's wand

The wants Doesnt look like The Original wands so i improvised a little bit and i hope that you be Happy with the Result

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