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A new wall walking mechanic has been added to GLiD.

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Just a short update about the new wall walking mechanic we have added.

It allows you to run along any surface regardless of its angle, just like a real bug. There will be a video soon showing how it all works in game.

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Bakscratch - - 44 comments


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jangsy5 - - 141 comments

Wow this adds completely new dimensions to puzzle solving. Maybe you guys could also add slippery surfaces aswell.

Think about it, if the wall had non-stick surface (sort of like non-stick pans) it would make the bug impossible to climb the wall as it'll just slip down. There could be multiple possibilities.

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MarcoAM Author
MarcoAM - - 23 comments

Thanks for the suggestion jangsy5, we're one step ahead of you on that one though, it's already in the game :)

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raymix - - 50 comments

can u share idea of wall walking in Unity? Do you use physics and gravity or something else? Thanks

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MarcoAM Author
MarcoAM - - 23 comments

Basically we just apply a local force downwards on Glids body. There is a raycast as well which checks the distances and tags of surfaces. This only works because Glid is completely physics based though. Hope that helps.

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