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We're not lost, we're here with you guys. We will soon get back to work :)

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Hello everybody. I apologise for the long absence. I have had personal issues and that's why I had to stop work on the mod at least until July this year. Unfortunately, now I don't have enough time to develop the project. Actually all members of our team are busy with their personal lives. But we will be try to do our best in free time - animations, icons, write code, add units and etc. We just have to take a little break from the mode and make up for our lives (We are people like al of you after all). So be patient and wait for news. We definitely will finish this mod. Good luck to everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Madchicken117 - - 166 comments

this mod is worth the wait :D

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FlipYap1232 - - 30 comments

Take your time, personal lives always take precedence over games, hope you guys get back to the project soon, and may force be with you.

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hugo1005 - - 68 comments

The project looks cool, never played the game itself though , just seen videos of thermos for it. You should check out the unfinished clone wars episodes on star, they are really interesting to see them when the models are still really simplified etc.

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suerteto - - 2,510 comments

Don't worry about that, we already saw them :)
And we may take some ideas from those episodes

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Dwarf_Fan - - 429 comments

Good idea! :)

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Boda - - 1,371 comments

Just keep it up. If the school/job is the reason behind the lack of time - good. Don't neglect it. It's the absolute priority nowadays.

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PureSpookiness - - 166 comments

Personal life is much more important take your time guys .

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LtCalamity - - 37 comments

Don't worry guys, we all understand if your busy with other things but don't give up. It'll be worth the wait

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jazzy2729 - - 8 comments

wwould it be possible to have aan accalamator transport 1 company of clonetroopers, 3 or 4 at-te's and 5 or 6 LAAT/i gunships into a space battle, and then deploy them to the planet for an invasion, the you could have a space battle and ground invasion going on at the same time.... that would be XD

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suerteto - - 2,510 comments

It's possible, but we won't do it

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Guest - - 692,109 comments

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