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A Soundcloud set with a selection of music from the Voyage to Farland soundtrack.

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The soundtrack in Voyage to Farland is as quirky as the game's theme. While the game is based on fantasy, it avoids standard western themes in favor of a peculiar mix of eastern and western influences. And the same can be said for the music in the game.

From sounds of nature to blippy electronic tunes to more symphonic compositions, there's a little bit for everyone in the game.

On the technical side, Voyage to Farland uses the MOD/XM tracker format from the 90s Amiga demo scene - a format that allows digital samples and the same playback across any machine (unlike MIDI) in a fairly small file size (often 50% to 10% the size of a comparable mp3 or ogg music file). This allows the game to fit in a roughly 10MB download compared to the 20 or 30MB it would be if the game used mp3 songs.

Enjoy the nostalgia of 16 bit games from yesteryear!

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