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The Next Day is on Greenlight Steam ! Vote for us !

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The Next Day is on Greenlight Steam. Vote for us!

The Next Day is a FPS Survival Horror Open World.

Your mission is to survive, explore, create weapons, clothing, find food and drink to preserve your health in this hostile world.

Synopsis :

The modern world no longer exists. Humanity has been wiped out by an uncontrollable virus created by scientists.
Humans and animals have mutated and are now aggresive, merciless creatures that sow death on their paths.
You must fight for your survival, look for objects to create your weapons and clothing. You must eat and drink to keep you healthy.

Features :

- Horror sound area
- Cycle Day/Night
- Crafting Melee Weapons
- Crafting Guns, Ammo
- Crafting Clothing (head, body, gloves, boots, pants)
- Crafting material for guns and ammo
- Hunger & Thirst
- Save & Load Adventure
- Monsters
- Tree Chopping
- Collect Food and Drink
- Collect Wood, Metal, Torn Clothing
- Immersive Night with Flashlight

And many more !

A forum is available to the community to propose ideas for future updates.

Futurs updates :

- Quests systems (You find survivors of the virus who need your help, in exchange it will give you objects for your survival)
- More Crafts
- More Guns
- More Monsters
- Forum Ideas

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