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Fursan al-Aqsa Game made in the list of Top 100 Indie Games of 2022 at IndieDB. So vote for making it among the Top 10 Indie Games of 2022!

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Hello dear friends!

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Fursan al-Aqsa Game made in the list of Top 100 Indie Games of 2022 at IndieDB:

Now it is competing on the top 10 of 2022!

Just scroll down to Third Person Shooter Category and click on the red button to vote!!!

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Maybe if my game makes among the top 10 of 2022, this can help it to get some visibility to increase the sales, in sha Allah. As a muslim I do believe that the ultimate success and blessings is in the hands of Allah (God), but sometimes, specially now in our era of social media, we all know that just one post about a game may get viral and may make that game become a hit and success, like this game here:

After this tweet post here, a gameplay video uploaded by a Netflix employee, which reached almost 6 millions of views:

The game got coverage from almost all gaming websites and many youtubers and streamers on twitch, and I am sure this helped the game to sell a lot. So maybe something like this can happen to my game, only God knows... While this does not happen, I will keep trying, in sha Allah (God's willing).

And on next tuesday begins Steam Winter Sales and I will give a HUGE discount for Fursan al-Aqsa:

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As you already know, buy Fursan al-Aqsa Classic now on Steam and receive the Remake as a FREE Update over the base game. I kindly ask for those 7.367 users who have my game on their wishlist to please, buy my game to support me! Every copy sold trully helps me!

Also, as I commented before, I applied for getting a remote job of character animator in the games industry because my game's sales on Steam are going slow and they are not enough for me making my living. I have great hopes that the Remake will be more successful, in sha Allah (God's willing), but I need a fixed salary, incoming until I finish the Remake, which I think I need from 8 to 10 months. So with a remote job I will be able to work on my game in my spare time, but I will work with peace of mind and be more productive. Working distressed fearing for the future of your family is very bad, indeed...

Even though I understand about all areas of game development, but I think that characters animation is my strength, and as so I built a portfolio and would like to showcase here some work of mine which many of you have never seen.

In example, this is a very old cutscene animation (the first cutscene) I made for my game, Fursan al-Aqsa, but in the end I decided to don't add on the game now, maybe in a future DLC or even another game. To be honest, I made this animation more as a study for myself, and I think this animation looks cool, and it serves to showcase my skills with character animations:

Also here is the compilation of ALL cutscenes I made for my game, the actual version on Steam (almost 11 minutes of cutscenes):

And here is something I made just for fun (and I think it looks hilarious), on the time I was porting UDK Engine (the engine I used to develop my game) to PS3 and Xbox360. You can see this has the same game menu and interface logic of Fursan al-Aqsa, because I used this build of the engine (my custom build) to develop Fursan al-Aqsa:

And for those who have never seen my game running on PS3, here is, the first 5 missions running on my PS3 with HEN (Homebrew Enabler) installed:

So that's all for now my friends.

May Allah bless you!

Nidal Nijm.

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Inshallah, it shall win IOTY, good luck

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udkultimate Author
udkultimate - - 231 comments

Thanks brother! Jazak Allah khayran!

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