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I thought this deserved its own article because this is very important.

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As some of you will know we are looking for voice actors for the characters in Portal Unity.

There are two characters who we need voices for:

  • HADES: the computer which has a deep, powerful male voice. I would descibe it as being menacing, clinical, angry or almost psychopathic sounding.
  • Persephone: a soft-ish, cheerful female voice. I would describe this one as being more of a genral happy sounding voice, were not being too picky about this voice.

We've had a few people inquire about the male voice role and thats been great so far but we havnt had much interest in the female part as of yet.

We would like anyone who is even remotely interested in portal or voice acting to PM us about this and we'll discuss example lines and recordings then.

Hope to hear from you all

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